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Laser Cutting and 3D Printers

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Laser Cutting is a new technology that I am very interested in. There are many similarities in the control systems and modules that are used by 3d printers.

I have recently completed a course in the operation of these machines and I look forward to having on of my own

Hello and welcome to 2019

20190109_135601I hope this new year is treating you well and that you are doing just what you want to do. For me this is starting a new training course, and following up on my commitments to my clients better.

I plan to take things to the next level, and if  you are here in LA and need a new hobby, join our group at Meetup

3D Printing in LA

Have a safe and productive weekend everyone




Welcome to the New Year 2019 !

New Year New Technologies

As the last days of December were passing, I thought about the new year and my desire to have a new computer for 3D printing, modeling, and just the experience needed an upgrade.

I chose to sign up for online classes to get an A+ certification, followed by networking and security certs as well. I believe any small business owner can and should become proficient with all three of these areas, and pursue them as well.

I also plan to build these things into several events I am pursuing, as well as my 3d printing group and my own fledgling attempts at three d modelling.

Mr. Data, Engage….


Great beginnings

Greetings and welcome to the world of 3d printing. Today I had a great conversation with the Marketing Manager at Matterhackers, a full service 3D printing company in Orange County. This week, I am discussing the need for a sponsor to help with our meetup group.

Awesome Day  😍👍3d printing 3


3D printing in Los Angeles 😍

#D Printing
3D Printing can be an excellent area of study for young and old alike

3D printing in LA

Greetings, fellow Makers !

A new 3d printing group is now starting with yours truly as the host, and what an adventure this will be. We will cover everything , starting with the basics : How do these things work, anyways ? What types of filament should I be using ? Can I actually make money doing this?

And much more, believe me it’s easier than you think. We will have guest speakers that are working in the field right now. Movers and shakers in the new world of additive manufacturing  and 3d printer companies own reps giving us a demo of their latest offerings.

Let’s do this!

Go to LA and join our Meetup group, or contact me directly thru this website.