3D printing in Los Angeles 😍

#D Printing
3D Printing can be an excellent area of study for young and old alike

3D printing in LA

Greetings, fellow Makers !

A new 3d printing group is now starting with yours truly as the host, and what an adventure this will be. We will cover everything , starting with the basics : How do these things work, anyways ? What types of filament should I be using ? Can I actually make money doing this?

And much more, believe me it’s easier than you think. We will have guest speakers that are working in the field right now. Movers and shakers in the new world of additive manufacturing  and 3d printer companies own reps giving us a demo of their latest offerings.

Let’s do this!

Go to www.meetup.com/3D-Printing-in LA and join our Meetup group, or contact me directly thru this website.



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