In my 20 year career as a chef, I worked my way up the ranks and spent time learning each area of the kitchen thoroughly before moving on to another. I have noticed a trend toward skimping on training for kitchen staff, and this translates into confusion and mistakes whenever Health dept guidelines are discussed.
To simplify the process in my own kitchens, my policy was that we would always be 100% ready for an inspection at any given time, no doubt from my time in the US Navy. If you find your staff confused about the regulations, have us stop by and evaluate your kitchen for it’s ability to maintain an A letter grade.
Once the inspectors have arrived, it’s too late to begin a training program. We can help you get the staff up to speed and pass their food handler test the very first time.
Feel great about your staffs food safety knowledge and put your efforts into taking exceptional care of your customers, not 8am re inspections because someone did not know the guidelines.
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